The Weekend Project

How To Make Felt Cherries - Felt Food

“The Weekend Project” series is designed to bring you inspiration for easy-to-do textile projects, that you can finish quickly.
This video workshop is for beginners. I decided to bring you a simple, but really sweet idea, that you can make for a child. I’ll being showing you how to make a couple of cherries, and hope that it can be an inspiration for felting something like a basket of play fruit, for example.

Download PDF "How To Make Felt Cherries - Felt Food"

How To Make A Felt Ball Necklace

Here’s a sweet, colorful project you can quickly make for the little ones you love. During the video I’ll also show you 10 fundamental tips for good results in wet felting: Tip #1: keep your wool away from the water. Tip #2: how to correctly cut felting wool. Tip #3: how you know how much wool you need. Tip #4: never work with big chunks. Tip #5: keep your fingers away from the needle at all times. Tip #6: always keep your needle vertical. Tip #7: how to add soap. Tip #8: how much soap to use. Tip #9: how to know the ball is ready. Tip #10: what never to forget in the end.

Download PDF "How To Make A Felt Ball Necklace"

Your felting projects aren't turning out the way you want them? Here are my "10 Tips For Better Results In Wet Felting"