Felting Suppliers I Recommend

Jul 16, 2020

I’m often asked who I recommend in terms of suppliers for felting materials.

My first recommendation would always be to find a good one near you, a brick and mortar store, where you can see and touch the wool before you buy.

But, not all of us have good felting suppliers around the corner. In fact, depending on where you live, it’s often difficult to find a local shop that carries the big diversity of materials you need for more sophisticated felting projects.

So, most of the times, we have to resort to online stores.

Even for online suppliers, I’d still recommend finding one as close to home as possible. That’ll mean less money spent on shipping, and it’s also better for the environment.

Next, I’d look into the variety they offer and how dependable they are when you need advice on the best wool for a particular project.

Another important factor is the shipping time. If you need materials for a project you want to finish soon, waiting a long time until the wool arrives on your doorstep can be discouraging.

And, of course, checking their prices is fundamental since the prices I’ve found online do vary enormously.



I’ve tried a couple of them, before I discovered the one where I buy nearly everything. And here are the reasons why I choose to buy from them.

  • Wollknoll is an online shop located in Germany, but their site is both in German and in English.
  • The online shop is easy to use and they are very well prepared for international shipping.
  • They supply a huge variety of high-quality products and a great color range.
  • You can get books, dyes, soap, supplies for bag making, scarves, beads and buttons, stuffing material, supplies for dolls and teddy bears.
  • You’ll find felting needles, needle holders, felting foam, latex, hat and shoe forms, carding machines, spinning wheels, looms – you name it, they have it J
  • You can get all types of silk, wool or linen fabrics for nuno felting, along with all types of yarns.
  • They have an amazing range of alpaca, mohair, cashmere and camel fibers, pure silk – natural or dyed, and plant fibers like bamboo, cotton, hemp or linen.
  • And I won’t even begin to talk about all the types of wool batts, wool tops and pre-felts they sell, because the list is huge. Let me just say you can find extra-fine merinos, New Zealand merinos and wool from European sheep in a big color range, along with a good variety of needle pre-felts.
  • Adding to all this, their wool is dyed in Germany, in conformity with the Öko-Text Standard 100 certification.

But, having said that, they have increased their prices substantially, so I’m also considering other choices at the moment.











New Zealand

Please note that I have never tried ordering from any of the stores on the list, except for Wollknoll.

I’ve made an extensive online research and I’m recommending them based on what they’re offering. I will probably order from some of them in the near future, since I’m looking for new suppliers. I’ll let you know how things went once I do.


When you find one that looks interesting to you in terms of variety and price, I recommend you check if they offer packs with a bit of every color. That’ll allow you to test the wool quality and the service, without having to spend too much money.

I’m telling you this because I’ve already had a couple of bad experiences.

So, before you buy bigger quantities, make sure you test for things like how well the wool felts and if the color bleeds when it’s wet felted (test this with both cold and hot water).

And, if you do find good suppliers (these or others), please let me know, so that I can share the information with the community here.

Hope this is helpful.

Talk to you soon!

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